Our Guests

Our guests come from all over the world, all shapes and sizes, but are mainly English or French  speaking. We are visited by couples from as many as 16 different countries. They consist of couples who are already into the naturist lifestyle or intrigued by it and want to know more.
Typically our guests are intelligent easy-going people with few hang-ups, open-minded and not judgemental about others.  They have decided to come here to meet other interesting people; engage in the naturist lifestyle, visit the beautiful area, relax, unwind and enjoy decent food. Our guests are typically in their 30’s – 60’s and many of them have come back many times – some for their 13th time. A large percentage of guests are repeat business. You can read for yourself what they say about us in the References section and in our Guest Books, going back over the years.
Our expectations of guests.
We have basic rules about safety, courtesy and to ensure other guest’s holidays are not spoilt by other’s inconsiderate behaviour. Couples* and groups may book; children are not accepted simply because this place is for adults who seek peace and tranquility and prefer to be with other adults.  (Gay couples of either gender are very welcome.)
Most of our visitors from Holland, Germany and Scandinavia speak a bit of English. Above all, a sense of fun and humour, tolerance and understanding is important.
34 A volunteer lays the table!
22 One of the Pirate theme evenings
enjoying a picnic in Spain togetherIMG_4566 IMG_4573
bathing in the river  
dressing up and having fun
IMG_4607 romantic picnics by mountain lakes and waterfalls
IMG_4267 IMG_4459 and touring around the mountains!
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  1. David Mckay says:

    Looks Great !

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