Hiking & Cycling

The Pyrenees is a mecca for hikers, bikers and cyclists along with those keen on riding the winds.
Hiking and walking tours.
With an extensive network of paths and remote mountain trails, hikers and walkers can quickly find themselves miles from civilization and surrounded by the stunning wild beauty. The routes include paved roads, farm-roads, footpaths, and cross-country. If you want to go off on your own we can lend you maps and suggest some brilliant trips for you to do for all levels. You simply stop off and buy the ingredients for a picnic and spend the day discovering the pyrenees. 2 IMG_7406 IMG_7388
IMG_0377e img_6770e img_0310eimg_1365e
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Motorbike adventures.
Experience another wild side of life off the beaten track, on two wheels, in company of likeminded people.  It has to be said the Pyrenees are quite simply super biking country. 
Cycle sightseeing. For the very fit try the world’s most famous Tour de France routes. Like much of France, the people of the Pyrenees have a deep love of cycling. Nothing beats the satisfaction of conquering a famous “col” or the thrill of a 10-mile descent on a twisting road in the Pyrenees. But, you have to be fit to cycle up those hills! The good news for those not quite into that degree of fitness, is that the area around the house offers lots of beautiful, quiet roads for cycling.  In 2008 Peter cycled from the house to Ainsa in Spain via the Bielsa tunnel – some 125 kilometers with over 2100 meters of total ascent but sadly due to restrictions for the tunnel this particular route is no longer possible. For cycling fans the Tour de France is a must. VTT cycling is fast becoming very popular and new routes are being marked out each year.
Paragliding, hang-gliding and ballooning.
Thermal conditions in the Pyrenees lend themselves perfectly to gliding and ballooning. This is an all year round sport which benefits from the dramatic changes seen in the landscape between the summer and winter. and marvel at the superb views from the sky.
Here are some more photos of guests hiking in the mountains from spring to autumn.
IMG_4607 IMG_4495
137 IMG_4511

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