Facilities at Peyraille

We are equipped with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and sauna.
Our jacuzzi and sauna areas are for your use and pleasure but are closed during the evening to comply with regulations on serving alcohol on the premises.
After a day our visiting sites or mountain walking it’s great to have a pre-dinner soak and relax
 The poolside is clothing optional  but the jacuzzi and sauna are to be used without any clothing
That’s the water stuff covered!
We also have a large relaxation area equipped with comfortable chairs, massage table and massage areas and seating for up to 20 people!  It is decorated with erotic art celebrating the human form.There is a music system and a home cinema system too. It’s a private area, so if you find the artwork not to your taste, you don’t need to go here!!!
In winter the wood burning stove is lit to heat the place as it is very large.
In the evening drinks are served in the western bar.
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