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Just 2 hours of wonderful relaxed driving takes you through the Bielsa tunnel and into Spain. This time as the weather was overcast we pulled of the road and walked down a steep path and across a wooden suspension bridge. We spent a few minutes spotting some large trout, then walked up to a deserted village which was finally abandonned in the 1960’s.
Nature recovers very quickly and the old stone tiles were soon overgrown with trees and shrubs which finally exposed the wooden beams to the elements and within a few decades the roofs had fallen in.
The best time to visit for the variety of flowers is always late spring/early summer.
.you can stroll past this lovely spot, visiting hidden cave chapels and crossing wonderful old bridges abve chasms.IMG_0346e

IMG_7315  IMG_0361e

Guests skinny dipping after our picnick
Another favourite place is Alcazar, famous for it’s gorges. For those who are less active, there is a beautiful and very charming village with some wonderful restaurants. This is in the heart of serious canyon country and for those that are interested or passionate about rafting there are plenty of companies that offer this activity at reasonable prices.
 From the cliffs of these canyons you can also spot the most amazing wildlife – a variety of eagles, kites, falcons and vultures regularly fly and nest on these walls.  
And there are some very reasonably priced restaurants here too and here is a sample of their fare…
IMG_4513 IMG_4507 IMG_4259
IMG_4511 Walking in the beautiful Aigues Tortes region
IMG_4495 IMG_4206 IMG_4267 IMG_4943
Guests have a huge choice of interesting excursions, from gentler walks to high mountain treks. The scenery is stunning and the wildlife amazing. Sometimes there are large groups of vultures seen circling high up or sometimes perched after feeding as in this photo.
IMG_4939 IMG_4916 
If you want to find out more about wildlife, visit this page Nature Notes on the website


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