La Cuisine – A Passion for Food
I care a great deal about how I eat and what my guests eat and try the best to eat healthily -maintaining a sensible balance of enjoying food and thinking about  waistlines!
Duckling à l’orange with Tresbons Onions
In a typical week you could be eating Italian, Chinese, Indian, English and French food. Check out our references for what other guests say about the food– even the French seem happy!
Peter with home made jams and chutneys and some of the meals he created.
We eat healthily so don’t expect lots of junk food and plates full of chips. We always dine together and the evening meal is very much the focal point of the day. It is a substantial meal with several courses, so you won’t want to eat that much during the day. Included in your stay is breakfast, and full dinner with wine. All other drinks and beverages are at your charge. There is a bar facility for drinks and beverages at other times.Please note that breakfast is between 08h30 and 9h30; evening meals between 20h30 and 21h30 after which the table is cleared. We do not offer a non-stop cantine service for breakfast. Please therefore, be punctual for meals!!!


IMG_4601 IMG_4591 IMG_4545 IMG_4584
The new atrium
Our new dining area is now a glass atrium with views of both courtyards and at night the west courtyard is floodlit, illuminating the canopy of oak trees and the seating area with it’s own water feature. Whilst you are dining owls frequently fly over this area as I  have built nesting boxes for them.IMG_5749
Often guests like to group together and organise a picnic. There are local markets selling delicious produce. For those that want to make excursions into Spain there are some fantastic and very reasonably priced restaurants that we can recommend, in beautiful village squares. Some are well worth a day’s excursion for the scenery alone.     
Samples of dishes from a Michelin featured restaurant in Ainsa at bistro prices!!!

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