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Some of our guests tour in camping cars and caravans so here’s an option for you to stay in your vehicle and have the full advantages of a guest with a room but at greatly reduced prices. Parking is on level ground in a quiet garden surrounded by ancient oak trees. Electricity is included and you can fill up with as much water as you need and you have the use of a bathroom in the Pleasure area in addition to all the facilities (subject to opening times), meal, and drinks that other house guests enjoy. There is a minimum 2 night stay.
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Touring in a camping car gives you the personal freedom to explore the pyrenees at your leisure. However, please be aware that the Tour de France can make certain mountain passes very crowded along the Tour de France route.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAParking is in a quiet space near the house but in the shade of ancient oak trees with easy level access
Please note these prices are in euros, not pounds.
Price per night  per camping car/caravan per couple  in May 75€; in June – 14th July and September 80€; from 14th July to 31st August 100€ – note minimum stay 2 nights
Price per week (7 night)  per camping car/caravan per couple in May 450€; in June -14th July and September 500€; from 14th July to 31st August 600€.
Terms: all visitors are required to complete a booking form and subject to all the conditions other guests agree to on that form. Payment is required as per booking form but last minute bookings have to be paid in full immediately on arrival.
What’s included in these prices? Breakfast (8h30-9h30); dinner with wine included; use of pool, jacuzzi, sauna (subject to opening times/availability); electricity, water, grey water disposal, use of bathroom in pleasure area for personal washing/toilet and use of toilet for toilet waste disposal. Use of courtyards for relaxation purposes.
Here are some photos of excursions and trips you can make with your camping car
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IMG_5078 My trusty co-driver and navigator
IMG_4966 Cleaning up other peoples litter whenever we stop
IMG_0732 IMG_6930c IMG_3288 IMG_2522
and finally the mascot. handy for positioning the centre of the road…..
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